FLEXform Document Portal

Deliver documents digitally with more efficiency and lower costs

The FLEXform Document Portal, a comprehensive system to manage document delivery, provides the tools to distribute business documents digitally or on paper with more efficiency, thereby lowering costs.

Make the switch to digital and save big

The key business advantage in using the Document Portal is the savings you’ll realize in printing, labor and postage costs simply by delivering digital documents instantly to recipients via e-mail or a portal-based mailbox. And we make it easy to implement the transition from paper to electronic documents whether you’re on the sending or receiving end of a document transmission. The Document Portal provides you with the tools to not only distribute your document, but to market and recruit recipients to seamlessly make the switch to digital.

Meet legal document requirements

Document recipients can switch between electronic and paper documents to meet legal requirements for documents such as W-2 tax forms.

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Once generated, documents are stored in an archive, which eliminates the need for physical storage and allows quick retrieval. Users can search documents by content and reproduce documents in digital or paper format.

Cross-platform technology

Designed as a browser-based system, the Document Portal is compatible with Linux, Windows and UNIX systems and uses PHP and an SQL database.

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