Introduction to FLEXform Software

FLEXform Software is an enterprise-wide document generation solution consisting of three modules.

  • FLEXform Development Software enables you to design and maintain professional-looking business documents. The software features visual page layout tools and lets you preview your documents and insert graphics or drawings from any Windows-based drawing or graphics program. Our Development Software runs on Windows desktop computers.


  • FLEXform Host Software generates documents according to the layout and formatting created with the FLEXform Development Software. The Host Software, installed on the same server as the applications it produces documents for, is available on most operating systems including UNIX, Linux and Windows.


  • FLEXform Document Portal provides a full line of tools to deliver digital documents, create marketing campaigns to encourage document recipients to switch from costly paper to digital documents and let recipients choose and change their document delivery options. The browser-based Document Portal also includes a document archive that stores documents for research and replication. The portal resides on UNIX, Linux, and Windows web servers.
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