Break the high cost paper habit

Produce paper or digital documents with FLEXform, an easy-to-use document generation software that works with almost any business application.

Design, generate, and deliver business documents quickly and seamlessly

Create documents from your applications

FLEXform Software enables users to generate documents from applications quickly and seamlessly.

Break the high cost paper habit

Ready to ditch paper? Eliminate labor, postage and handling expenses with FLEXform Document Portal, an easy-to-use solution that makes management and delivery of your digital documents a snap. 

Support Services

When you purchase FLEXform Software, in addition to getting the industry’s leading edge solution, you get the full support of highly skilled technicians.

Outsource document development

Speed up the development of your documents using our library of pre-defined document templates. The result? Predictable costs and quality products delivered when you need them.

User Training

Training to get you quickly up to speed on FLEXform’s capabilities, configuration and use. We offer several options depending on your needs.