Create documents from your applications quickly and seamlessly.

FLEXform Software gives your organization flexibility to define and route documents as needed and improve its efficiency in document creation and distribution.

Create printed or digital documents quickly and easily from your business applications. Digital documents can be delivered automatically via e-mail or to the Document Portal mailbox. Documents can be archived and later easily retrieved for research or reproduction purposes.

FLEXform documents are set up as virtual printers on your server computer. Your end-users—such as payroll staff— print their documents from the applications to the FLEXform printer, the data then flows transparently and is processed by FLEXform Software producing a paper or digital document. The advantages? Fewer points of failure and no need for end-user training.

Software features include:

  • Operating system flexibility

  • Bar codes, labels, and character recognition

  • Document distribution and collation

  • Document Sorting and definition

  • Audit file generation

  • Intelligent documents

  • Document customization


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